Video Freezing Effect On Sony Vegas

How to Make the Video Freeze Effect On Sony Vegas

In this tutorial for Sony Vegas we will learn how to make the video freeze effect or how many like to call screen freeze.

The freeze effect is often used when you want to highlight a certain area of the video as if it were paused for a certain time, but the video continues to swi through and then the image starts playing normally.

Let’s Learn How To Do Screen Freezing

With the video in the Timeline you should place the needle in the position you want to apply the effect and then make the cut by pressing the letter S;


After making the cut leave the needle in the same position, because the reference point will be the needle and not the cut. You should now take a “photo” of the screen by pressing the Save button at the top left of the Preview;


As soon as you press this button a screen will open for you to name the file and choose the place where you want to save;


Once you save the image, it will be available in Project Media. Now you should put it at the point where you made the cut and then pull the other Timeline files to it.


An important detail is to set the screen freeze time that you want to apply. To do this click on the edge of the image and drag to the right until the desired time and reminding you that you must join the parts again.


Now press Play and you’ll see that the video freeze effect has been applied.