Compressing Files and Putting Password with Winrar

how to compress files with winrar

See How Simple It Is to Compress and Password Us In Files With Winrar

Winrar is a program with several options and one of them is the possibility of reducing the weight of files. In several situations you will need to compress a file, be it a document, multiple images or even a video.

Document compression is often used to organize folders into only one file type, be it .rar or .zip. During the configuration to compress the file you can enter a password for document protection.

Compressing and Entering Password In Files

1st- Right-click on the file you want to compress and click add to the file;2nd- Rename tCompress Winrar Fileshe File, choose the format between RAR or ZIP and Click OK;

Rename the File To Compress

3rd- Click Set Password, enter password with at least 3 characters and click OK. The box will close and click OK to compress the file with password. If your Winrar version doesn’t have the Set Password option, you’ll need to download the winrar version that has this option;

Put Winrar Password4º- The File has been compressed and is locked with password. You’ll need to add the password to access unpack the file, so record the password you entered.Add the password to unpack the file