Cut Video on Vegas PRO

How to Crop a Video in Sony Vegas and Merge Files Automatically

Let's learn in this tutorial for Sony Vegas how to make a cut in the video and how to make this hack more accurate. We will also learn how to group the parts of the video after cutting.

To make the cut, position the needle in the desired position and in this example it was placed in 00:55.24 seconds. Let's consider that you want to eliminate the 24 milliseconds and positioning the needle manually can be a bit difficult. 


How to make a precise cut in video by Sony Vegas

Making the precise cut in the video by Sony Vegas manually is not really such an easy task, we can do this by eliminating the thousandths by double-clicking cursor position at the bottom right. In this field you can change the needle position by the time of the video. 

As soon as you give the two clicks in Cursor Position the field will be editable and in our example we will remove the 24 thousandths, leaving the cut position in 00:55.00 seconds.


See that now the cutting position is accurate in 00:55.00 seconds.


How to make hack in video by Sony Vegas

Now that you've defined the position of the cut and learned how to leave the precise cut eliminating the thousandths it's time to make the cut in the video.

Since I have only one file in the Timeline I didn't have to select, this means if you have more than two files in the Timeline you need to click on top of the file you want to make the cut for it to be selected.

So after you select the file and position the needle just squeeze the letter S to make the cut in your video. Notice that the video has been cropped and there are two images in the needle position.


To learn how to join the cut parts automatically watch the tutorial from 2:10 minutes.