How to Split Into Parts Files With Winrar


How to Split Into Parts Files With Winrar

Winrar has several usage options, and one of the most commonly used tools is the option to split the file. The need to split the file is for various reasons, such as the need to send the file by email, leave games or very large programs available for download, among other needs.

Winrar offers us other tools that can be very interesting, such as joining files in Winrar. After all, anyone who has split a file for an hour will need to merge again, so learn in this tutorial how to merge your files in Winrar.

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See How Easy It Is To Split The Files With Winrar.

1- Right click on the file you want to split and go to add to archive…split file with winrar

2 – On this screen set the maximum size for each room and click OK.split file with winrar

3 – The files have been compressed and split.split file with winrar

4 – See that the file has been compressed and divided into 4 parts.

split file with winrar