Download and Activate uTorrent 

How to Download And Activate Utorrent Pro Portuguese

Without a doubt uTorrent stands out when it comes to downloading files. This new version makes the program lighter and brings new settings for you to make the most of your broadband.

uTorrent works as a file sharer and so the download time is very fast-paced. To be able to download files find the magnetic links on torrent sites and as soon as it is downloaded this version of the uTorrent program makes it available to preload the file.

Another major update was the possibility of being able to access the contents of the file before the download is completed.

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Downloading uTorrent

This tutorial teaches you the step-by-step how to download, install, and activate Utorrent. If you do not have this program installed, download it at the end of this page.

Extract the winrar files, so right-click on the file and then go to extract files;


Run the uTorrent file in Administrator mode to start installing the program;


Now go by clicking on I Agree and next until you reach the Search Offer screen. On this screen click decline offer so that no other applied ones are installed along with the program.

The program has been installed and to activate copy the activator that is in the Activator folder.

Right-click on the uTorrent icon that is on the desktop and click Open file location.


Paste the file and click the message that will appear (Replace the file in the destination).


The program is activated and in the PRO version.



Tipo de Arquivo: Rar
Tamanho do Arquivo: 3,49 MB