Music Decreasing Effect in Vegas PRO

effect by decreasing the volume of the music

How to Make The Effect By Downloading Music Volume In Vegas PRO

In this tutorial for Sony Vegas we will learn how to download the volume of music from a point and then how to increase the volume of that song gradually.

As you’ve already noticed in the video the music gradually decreases and then gradually increases.

How to Make The Effect Of Decreasing Music Volume At Sony Vegas

With the music file in timeline you should position the stroke on the left edge (Fade In), stand still until the symbol changes to a black arrow with direction for both sides.

Now that you have positioned the cursor and the symbol appeared click and drag to the right. The more to the right you drag the longer it will take the audio to reach maximum height.


The same process you must do to apply the effect of the music go decreasing at the end until it is over. When you position the course on the right side, the name Fade Out will appear.