Black And White Effect On Sony Vegas Pro

How to Make the Black and White Effect on Sony Vegas Pro

Learning vegas pro will give you the advantage of doing editing like a pro. There are several tools that only your imagination will make them reach the limit, I mean, just you be creative and know how to master Vegas that you will most likely be able to do the editing.

This program is very rich in video editing features and in this tutorial we will learn how to make the black and white effect on your video. This effect can be applied to the entire video or part of it.

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Here’s what it’s going to look like after editing.

how-to-effect-black-and-white-no-sony-vegas-13Let’s learn how to leave your video Black and White

With the video in timeline you must click on Video FX;


After in the search bar type black, the Black and White option will appear click on it;


Some options appeared in Preset such as: (Default), 25% Black and White, 50% Black and White, 75% Black and White and 100% Black and White. These options represent the amount of black tint that can be applied to the video.

For this tutorial we chose the 100% Black and White option, click on it and drag on top of your video;


As soon as you drag the plugin up the video a new window will open to set up the amount of black in the video;


Ready!!! your video was left with the black and white effect.

For more information how to remove the effect and leave part of the video with the black look watch the tutorial.