Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Learn How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

To be able to download it is necessary to have a link that directs to the file that is on the server. Unlike this method BitTorrent shares files across a network of computers that are seeding (seeds) the file to be downloaded.

To have speed gain in your downloads it is necessary to see the amount of machines that are sowing (seeds) the file. The more Seeds the faster your download will be.

A great advantage in using this program is not the speed gain, but rather the possibility of being able to pause or even stop the download and then restart from the point it was. In case you need to shut down the computer do not worry the download will restart as soon as the computer is turned on.

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How To Increase Download Time In utorrent

With the File already downloaded, click Options and then preferences and finally Apply;


Click the Connection tab and check Release in Windows Firewall;

increase-to-download-utorrent-1 speed

Click Bandwidth and place 40 in the Maximum Upload Rate, 450 in the Maximum Number of connections, and 200 for Maximum number of pairs connected per torrent and click Apply;

Note: If your internet starts to drop, put 200 in the maximum number of connections.

increase-to-download-utorrent-2 speed

Now go to BitTorrent, and change the Outbound Encryption Protocol to On and click Apply;

increase-to-download-utorrent-3 speed

In Queue, change the maximum number of active torrents (upload or download): and Maximum number of active downloads to 2 and click Apply;


Click Advanced and look for the following Files:

  • bt.ban_threshold and change the value to 80;
  • bt.connect_speed and change the value to 80;
  • rss.update_interval and change the value to 80;
  • net.max_halfopen and change the value to 80;

After making these modifications click OK.

increase-to-download-utorrent-5 speed

Now let’s make the modifications to the file being downloaded:

  • Right-click on it and click Force Home;
  • Right-click and go to Bandwidth Allocation and click High;

Remember preferences for files with many Seeds, this means that there are many people sharing the same file.