Export HD 720p and 1080p on Vegas PRO

export 720 1080 vegas pro

Render 720p and 1080p HD videos on Sony Vegas

In this tutorial for Sony Vegas PRO we will learn how to export the videos in 720p and 1080p, these settings will make your video be rendered in HD and Full HD resolution respectively.

One tip that always step before starting the settings is to save your project, this is because if any error occurs in the program and it is closed automatically you will not lose your edits.

Another very important tip is to set up 720p or 1080p before you start editing your video.

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How to Set up to render at 720p or 1080p on Sony Vegas

With the file in the Timeline you must click Project Video Properties (Alt + Enter), which is at the top left of the Preview.


After clicking Project Video Properties the setup window will open, showing your video’s current settings.

The video I’m using in this tutorial I downloaded on the internet and has the settings of 320×240 ie is far from being in HD. Even if I change the setting to 1080p the final quality of the video will not be very good, because the original file has no image quality to increase its resolution to this quality.

If you did the video recording or tutorial it is very likely that you have already worried about this requirement before starting the recordings.


Anyway you should follow the following steps to leave your video in HD.

Click Template and then choose the HD option 1080-24p (1920×1080; 23,976 fps) to leave your video at 1080p if you want to leave it at 720p choose the HD option 720-50p (1280×720; 50,000 fps).


Note that the video quality has changed to the resolution you have chosen.


After choosing the quality of your preference click apply and then OK.

How to remove the black edges that appeared in the video after setting it to HD

These black edges appeared because the video I used as an example had low resolution and now we set it to Full HD, so we compressed the video and the black edges appeared.


To remove them right-click on the file in the Timeline and then click Properties and clear the Maintain aspect ratio option and then OK. Notice that the black edges of the video have been removed.


Now that we’ve made the settings let’s Render the Video

To export or render your video in Sony Vegas click on the green button (Render as) at the top of your screen.


Now put the name you want in this file and choose the recording location.

I always choose the option Windows Media Video V11 (*.wmv) – 8 Mbps HD 1080-30p Video. This setting is used for all my video edited on Sony Vegas Pro 13 including this one you are watching at the beginning of this page.


After choosing the format click OK and a new window will appear on the screen indicating that the “export” has started.


So you learned all the settings needed to render your video in Sony Vegas Pro 13.

Before you end this tutorial, another super important tip is that your video and yellow dot have to be leaning against the left side so that your video doesn’t have empty time and black screen after rendering.


This was the tutorial I hope you liked and if there were any questions leave in the comments.